Customized treatment for your TMJ disorder

When you undergo TMJ treatment at Northridge.Dental, you can be assured that your treatment plan will be completely customized based on the cause, severity and duration of your condition. This high level of personalization is absolutely critical, because everyone experiences TMJ differently. With that said, we will advise most of our Northridge & Woodland Hills patients to combine various home-care remedies with in-office and prescription therapies for the best results.

Home-care remedies

When our Northridge patients are first diagnosed with TMJ, their number one priority is relieving the pain and restoring their quality of life. That’s where highly effective home-care remedies are extremely helpful. In many cases, we’ll recommend the following approaches to improve your symptoms:

  • Take pain medication. Over-the-counter pain medications, such as ibuprofen, can be extremely helpful in relieving TMJ discomfort.
  • Apply ice to reduce swelling. Regularly applying ice packs to your temple area is a terrific way to control TMJ-related swelling.
  • Adopt a temporary soft-food diet. A soft-food diet can give your joints a much-needed chance to rest. Try consuming foods like yogurt, soup, eggs, beans, mashed potatoes and cooked fruits and vegetables until the pain has subsided.
  • Learn to relax. Stress can worsen TMJ symptoms by causing you to clench your jaw. When this occurs, we may recommend physical therapy, massages and stress reduction techniques to help you relax.

Prescription and in-office treatments

In addition to gentle home-care remedies, we typically advise our Northridge patients to also take advantage of highly effective prescription medications and in-office treatment approaches. These techniques are proven to provide immense and long-term pain relief, and include:

  • Prescription medications. There are a number of prescription medications that can help relieve your TMJ symptoms and prevent the condition from worsening. For example, we can prescribe stronger pain medications, a muscle relaxer and an anti-anxiety medication to help you manage stress.
  • A custom night guard. If your TMJ is caused by teeth grinding, we may recommend a custom night guard. This appliance fits perfectly over your teeth and prevents you from grinding while you sleep.
  • Necessary dental work. In some cases, your TMJ may be exacerbated by existing dental issues, such as a bite problem caused by uneven surfaces or missing teeth. When this occurs, we can correct the underlying issue with dental work.
  • Laser therapy. Advanced laser therapy has transformed virtually every facet of the dental industry, including TMJ treatment. In fact, laser technology is extremely effective in treating TMJ-related muscle and joint pain, delivering profound symptom relief.