The benefits of a custom mouth guard

There’s no shortage of pre-made mouth guards that can be easily purchased at a sporting goods store or pharmacy. And although they’re inexpensive, the comfort and fit factors are typically severely lacking with these options. For example, they tend to feel big and bulky in the mouth, and it’s difficult for our Northridge patients to breathe and speak easily while wearing them. For these reasons, we recommend custom mouth protectors, like the ones we offer at Northridge.Dental. Designed and created specifically for you, they mold perfectly to the shape of your unique mouth, providing the highest level of comfort and the most protection.

Do you need a mouth guard?

If you’re an adult or child who participates in contact sports, such as football, ice hockey, boxing, basketball and lacrosse, you need a mouth guard to protect your teeth from damage. The reality is that accidents happen no matter how careful you are, and using a mouth guard while you play sports can ensure that you avoid injuries to your lips and tongue, as well as broken, chipped or lost teeth. In addition, if you’re involved in recreational activities that could reasonably result in a mouth injury, such as skateboarding, a protective mouth guard may be beneficial to you as well. And finally, if you grind your teeth at night, it’s imperative that you wear a mouth guard to prevent lasting damage to your teeth and jaw.

Preventing dental injuries with a custom mouth guard

If we determine that you need a mouth guard, we’ll take impressions of your upper and lower teeth during a visit to our office. We will then send these molds to an off-site laboratory, where they will fabricate a completely customized mouth guard that fits your anatomy perfectly.

Once the appliance is created, you will return to our Northridge office so we can check the fit and make any adjustments necessary. We will then provide you with personalized instructions regarding when and how often to wear your mouth guard. For example, if it’s a sports guard, you’ll be instructed to wear it whenever you’re participating in your sport. Conversely, if you’re receiving a night guard, you’ll be advised to wear it every single night while you sleep.