Diagnosing dental problems with digital x-rays

At Northridge.Dental, we’re proud to provide our Northridge & Woodland Hills patients with access to digital x-rays, because they allow us to diagnose and treat dental problems more efficiently than ever before. Here are just a few of the benefits of having digital x-rays as part of your routine dental care:

  • Early detection of dental issues. The images associated with digital x-rays are crystal clear and can reveal all kinds of hidden dental issues when they’re in the earliest stages, including cysts, growths and tumors. By identifying these problems when they’re still minor, we can offer prompt and more effective treatment to our patients.
  • Less exposure to radiation. Many of our Northridge patients are concerned about their exposure to radiation, and with good reason. But digital x-rays involve 90% less radiation than traditional options, making them a very safe choice.
  • Cost-effective. With digital x-rays, there’s no need for expensive film developing equipment. This keeps our costs down, and ensures that the treatment is affordable.
  • Extremely accurate. With color images that can be enlarged for a closer look, digital x-rays reveal dental problems that are hidden far beneath the surface – ensuring that nothing gets overlooked in the process.

Advancing patient education with intra-oral cameras

An intra-oral camera offers a revolutionary preventative treatment technique. It is essentially a tiny tool that takes a video of your mouth, and projects that image onto a TV monitor, which you can view from the comfort of your treatment chair. It offers an inside view that’s extremely beneficial for a number of reasons, including:

  • Early diagnosis of dental problems. The earlier we diagnose dental problems, the less damage they’re able to do and the easier they are to fix. That’s why our innovative intra-oral cameras are so helpful. They’re able to accurately identify cavities and gum disease when they’re in the earliest stages, so we can treat them proactively and prevent them from worsening.
  • A clear view of your dental health. With a detailed inside view of your mouth, you can gain a clear understanding of your overall oral health. Instead of listening to your dentist explain what’s going on inside your mouth, you can actually see it for yourself. This allows you to make informed treatment decisions and smart choices about how you care for your teeth and gums moving forward.
  • Monitor your oral health and track your progress. It’s always great to hear that you’ve improved, but it’s even better to see the results with your own eyes. The images taken with our intra-oral cameras can be viewed at a later date, so you can see exactly how your oral health is improving, and how certain dental conditions are progressing.