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Preventative dental care

At Northridge.Dental, our main focus is on preventative dental care. We believe in preserving your oral health and delaying dental problems, so your teeth and gums remain healthy and strong for as long as possible.

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Dental examination

Routine dental examinations are a critical aspect of your oral health because they allow our team to identify and treat dental issues early – before they require aggressive and expensive treatment approaches.

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Professional cleanings

No matter how well you brush, floss and rinse at home, there are some areas you simply can’t reach. With consistent professional cleanings at our office, we’ll clean those areas for you – ensuring your teeth and gums are as healthy as possible.

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Periodontal maintenance

If you’ve been diagnosed with gum disease, a single treatment isn’t enough to prevent the condition from worsening. You’ll require routine periodontal maintenance visits at our office to clear away bacteria and prevent your gum disease from doing lasting damage to your oral health.

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Oral cancer screening and OralRisk HPV

When oral cancer is caught early, we have a much higher chance of curing it. As such, we strongly recommend routine oral cancer screenings and the OralRisk HPV test, so we can diagnose any potential problems as quickly as possible.

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Night guards and sports guards

A large part of preventative dental care is protecting your teeth from damage. If you participate in contact sports, or you grind your teeth at night, a custom mouth guard can protect your teeth and prevent a serious injury.

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Icon: A new approach to cavities

Finally, there’s a way to treat cavities without a dental drill and anesthesia. If you have minor tooth decay, you may qualify for Icon, a gentle, drill-free approach to treating cavities in the very early stages.

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Digital x-rays and intra-oral cameras

At Northridge.Dental, we pride ourselves on remaining at the cutting-edge of technological advancements in our field. As such, we’re proud to offer our patients access to digital x-rays and intra-oral cameras – two revolutionary diagnostic and educational tools that can vastly improve your treatment experience.

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