Benefits of laser gum reshaping

For our Northridge patients with “gummy” smiles, laser gum reshaping has the ability to transform their appearance in incredible ways. When applied precisely and gently by a member of our highly skilled team, laser gum reshaping can:

  • Unveil a larger and more beautiful smile.
  • Sculpt and reshape the gum line to make your teeth appear longer.
  • Create a more symmetrical and attractive gum line.

Is gum reshaping right for you?

If you’re unhappy with your appearance because of your gums, there’s a very strong chance that laser gum reshaping can give you the smile makeover you deserve. Even if your teeth are straight, healthy and white, uneven and overly prominent gums can detract from that attractiveness and cause you to feel self-conscious about your looks. You may hesitate to smile in photos, or you may cover your mouth when you laugh. In these cases, having your excess gum tissue expertly reduced can reveal a more beautiful smile that simultaneously renews your self-esteem.