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Laser bacterial reduction

Laser bacterial reduction is an innovative treatment approach for gum disease. It allows us to thoroughly eliminate the very bacteria that causes inflammation, thus restoring your optimal oral health.

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Laser periodontal therapy

For patients who are diagnosed with gum disease, laser periodontal therapy can be an ideal treatment approach. It’s a gentle and extremely effective way to eliminate the diseased tissue and harmful bacteria, preventing the condition from doing lasting damage to your teeth and gums.

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Laser frenectomy

If the muscle tissue that connects your upper lip to your gums or your tongue to the bottom of your mouth is overly prominent, you may require a frenectomy to reduce its size. At Northridge.Dental, we use lasers to perform these delicate procedures, ensuring a gentle and pain-free treatment experience.

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Laser gum reshaping

Overly prominent gums can detract from the natural beauty of your smile. When this occurs, we use lasers to precisely contour and reshape the excess gum tissue, revealing larger and more attractive teeth.

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Laser treatment for cold sores

Cold stores can destroy your appearance and your confidence until they clear up – a process that can take weeks without treatment. At Northridge.Dental, we use lasers to heal the lesions within days, restoring your flawless appearance as quickly as possible.

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Laser treatment for sensitive teeth

If you suffer from extremely sensitive teeth, it can dramatically affect your quality of life. When this occurs, gentle and precise laser treatments at Northridge.Dental can address the issue and restore your ability to eat and drink without pain.

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