Benefits of dentures

Although there are countless ways for patients to replace a full or partial set of missing teeth, dentures are consistently popular because of the many benefits they offer, including:

Dentures Woodland Hills
  • Affordability. In general, removable dentures are the least expensive way to replace missing teeth, while dental bridges and implants involve a more extensive procedure and thus require a more substantial investment.
  • Improved functionality. With removable dentures, our Northridge patients find that their oral function greatly improves, and they’re able to speak and eat with ease once again.
  • A cosmetic transformation. There’s no question that missing teeth can have a significant impact on your look. In fixing that issue and restoring a bright and healthy smile, dentures transform your facial appearance and renew your confidence.

Restoring your healthy smile with dentures

When it comes to removable dentures, there are two distinct types: complete dentures and partial dentures. Complete dentures are used when you’re missing all of your teeth, while partial dentures are used when some of your natural teeth still remain.

If you need complete dentures, we will begin your treatment by removing any remaining teeth in your jaw and allowing your gums to heal for a period of about twelve weeks. This healing process is important because your bones and gums will shrink following your extractions, so waiting to place your prosthetic teeth ensures a more comfortable fit. Once the area has fully healed, you’ll be ready to wear your complete dentures with ease.

If you require partial dentures, your prosthetic will look like a series of replacement teeth attached to a plastic base and metal framework. The dentures will be entirely removable and comfortable, and they’ll match your remaining teeth perfectly.

In either case, we will take a series of detailed impressions and measurements of your jaw in order to plan for your treatment. We will then fabricate models of your final restoration, which you will try on several times to ensure the shape, color and fit are all perfect. Once we’ve created a model that delivers your ideal false teeth, the final prosthetic will be created.

As one of the top providers of dentures Northridge & Woodland Hills have to offer, Northridge.Dental will personally lead each patient through the process of getting, maintaining and living with their new dentures.