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At Northridge.Dental, we not only treat tooth decay in the most comfortable way possible, but we’re also committed to working with you to prevent new cavities from developing.

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If certain teeth are severely decayed, infected or crowded, they may need to be extracted to preserve your oral health. When this occurs, our team will perform your extractions in the gentlest way possible, ensuring a completely comfortable experience.

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Root canal therapy

If your tooth decay advances and a serious infection sets in, you run the risk of losing your tooth. When this occurs, delicate and complex root canal therapy is necessary to eradicate the infection and save your tooth.

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If you’re interested in an affordable, low-risk way to replace many missing teeth (or a full set), removable dentures just may be your ideal option.

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Dental bridges

A tried-and-true way to replace one to three consecutive missing teeth, a dental bridge uses a prosthetic tooth and supporting crowns to restore your healthy smile.

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Same-day crowns

Same-day crowns offer a revolutionary new treatment approach. They allow you to receive the custom, natural-looking restorations you need in a single visit to our Northridge office – without a lengthy waiting period.

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Sleep apnea

An extremely common and very serious sleep disorder, sleep apnea prevents you from breathing easily throughout the night. If the CPAP machine isn’t for you, our team can create custom dental devices to provide profound, long-term relief from your symptoms.

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