What is dental bonding?

Dental bonding involves applying tooth-colored resin material to the surfaces of imperfect teeth, and then hardening that material with a specialized light. Very little enamel needs to be removed from the surface of the tooth, so we’re able to preserve much of your natural tooth structure. It’s a very efficient way to fix a wide variety of cosmetic imperfections, including:

  • Chipped teeth
  • Stained and discolored teeth
  • Gaps in between the teeth
  • Short teeth
  • Oddly shaped teeth
  • Teeth that are slightly out of alignment

Is dental bonding right for you?

Dental bonding is a very effective way for our patients to treat minor cosmetic imperfections. As long as the flaws you’d like to address aren’t particularly severe, you’re a non-smoker and your teeth are in reasonable health and without any substantial decay, there’s a strong chance that dental bonding with our top Woodland Hills Northridge dentists can help you achieve the ideal smile you’ve always wanted.

Creating a new smile with dental bonding

The process of transforming your smile with a dental bonding procedure will begin during a private consultation in our office. During that meeting, we will evaluate the dental imperfections you’d like to address and provide guidance regarding whether or not dental bonding is an ideal solution.

If you decide to move forward with dental bonding, we will select the resin material color that perfectly matches the rest of your teeth. We will then etch the surface of your teeth and apply a specialized conditioning liquid to ensure that the resin has a viable foundation to attach to. From there, we’ll apply the dental bonding material, molding it into the precise shape and length you desire. And finally, we will hold a light over the tooth to harden the resin, before shaping and polishing the restoration to create the flawless smile you deserve.