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If you’re unhappy with the appearance of your teeth for any reason, our innovative cosmetic dental procedures are precisely what you need. Through these treatments, we’ll give you the bright, straight and beautiful teeth you want, so you can laugh, smile and talk with confidence

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Laser Dentistry

Innovative laser technology has transformed the field of dentistry. With these powerful new treatment approaches, we are able to address a variety of dental issues, including gum disease, excess gum tissue, tooth sensitivity and more, in an extremely gentle and pain-free way.

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At Northridge.Dental, we believe in preventative dental care. We aim to take care of your oral health and prevent dental issues from developing in the first place, so your teeth and gums can remain healthy for as long as possible.

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At Northridge.Dental, we practice the full range of general dentistry for our Northridge patients. In this capacity, we perform delicate root canals, treat cavities and tooth decay, replace missing teeth with removable dentures and perform gentle extractions, among many other treatments.

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TMJ Disorders

A common condition that affects millions of Americans each year, TMJ causes intense jaw pain and discomfort, and can interfere with your ability to open and move your mouth with ease. When this occurs, we’ll create a customized treatment plan designed to relieve the pain for good and restore your quality of life.

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